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T-4-2 is Jay Gillian and Will Loconto

T-4-2's journey began in 1984 when Jay Gillian and Jimron Goff formed the electronic duo in Dallas, Texas. Their initial album, "Shockra," introduced their signature blend of synthesizers, drum machines, and computerized voices to the world.

The band gained traction within the local Dallas music scene, drawing substantial crowds to various local music venues. In 1988, T-4-2 significantly changed when Will Loconto replaced Jimron Goff as the lead vocalist. This marked a turning point for the band's sound and direction.

Their cassette-only release, "Hot On Top" (fondly referred to as "The Green Tape"), distributed through Sound Warehouse outlets in Texas in 1989, gained radio airplay in Dallas and Houston, propelling T-4-2's popularity. Oak Lawn Records released a 12" single of "Don't Let My Love" and an EP, catching the attention of Columbia Records, which subsequently signed the band.

Their album "Intruder," produced by Fred Maher (Scritti Politti) and Paul Robb (Information Society), delivered two notable singles, "Desire" and "Let Me Go," with "Desire" reaching number one on multiple radio stations across the United States. T-4-2's track "Ecstasy" also found its place on the first Tales From The Edge CD, released by Dallas radio station 94.5 KDGE The Edge. T-4-2 was featured in Buddy Magazine in 1992 and is included in Rick Koster’s book, Texas Music, The Definitive History of Texas Music From the 1920s to the Present.

In 1993, Will Loconto departed from T-4-2 to collaborate with Information Society, while Jay Gillian continued performing under the T-4-2 moniker for several tours.

The band reunited in 2010, and followed up with sporadic live performances. In 2017, they re-released a remastered version of their 1989 "Hot On Top" cassette and unveiled their first new album in decades, titled "Decoder," the same year.

Their journey continued in May 2022 with the release of "Demo Days," a compilation of previously unreleased T-4-2 music recorded between 1988 and 1991. Some tracks were considered for the "Intruder" album but weren't selected at the time, while others were recorded but never officially released.

T-4-2's history is a testament to its evolution, enduring fan base, and ongoing dedication to sharing its music, including their nostalgic classics and previously unheard tracks.

Jay and Will continue to release new music and play live shows in the US and internationally.

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